Airport shuttle service

Airport shuttle service – Why use a private car?

June 21, 2018
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Airport shuttle service:

It is one of the services of our hotel. We use our own car to pick you up from the airport to your hotel and take you to Noi Bai airport.

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Airport shuttle service

So, why should you use the airport shuttle service by private car (not taxi) to move to Noi Bai airport and vice versa?

Because of:

  • Our airport shuttle service uses the hotel’s own car and driver. So you will not have to worry about the driver cheating you to get more money. This is often the case if you use a taxi.
  • Our driver has been trained regularly and has many years of experience as a driver. Therefore, you will be extremely safe on your trip.
  • The drivers of the taxi companies are new drivers so the safety is not guaranteed.
  • If you accidentally left things (phone, bag, camera, watch, money …) on the car, you will get back at the hotel. And if you forget about those things on TAXI then 90% you will lose forever.
  • If you send us information to pick you up at the airport. Our drivers will pick you up with a paper with your name on it. And you will be right on your hotel and do not lose the way.
  • Some unofficial drivers around the airport area often pretend to be taxi drivers to take you to the hotels where they receive commissions.


The above are just a few of the things we talk about among the many dangers of using a regular taxi (usually with foreigners).

Some foreigners do not think too much about moving from the airport to the hotel because they think that in every country there is a taxi service. And they do not know the difficulties they will encounter when taking a taxi.


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